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Factors affecting contract management in acquisition of goods and services
Peris Ngugi |
May 20, 2024 |

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A recent study conducted at Integrated YMR Partnership, situated in Nairobi County, Kenya, sheds light on critical factors influencing contract management in private firms. The research aimed to understand how supplier assessment procedures, staff proficiency, strategic decisions, and technology integration impact procurement endeavors within private organizations.

The study underscores the significance of Supplier Evaluation Process in nurturing employee knowledge in contract management. It highlights the organization’s commitment to ensuring employees receive comprehensive training through robust evaluation processes.

Furthermore, Staff Competency emerged as a crucial factor profoundly affecting contract management in Kenya. The study emphasizes the importance of selecting and adhering to a competency framework, as it directly influences the organization’s ability to achieve its goals effectively.

Strategic Decisions, though essential, revealed a moderate satisfaction level among employees. Grievances related to communication channels and decision-making modes signal the need for refinement in strategic decision-making processes to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Additionally, Technology integration emerged as a pivotal factor in contract management, particularly in highly competitive environments. Once a technology solution is chosen, organizations must commit to it for the long term, recognizing its significant impact on contract management practices.

For more detailed insights, access the full research by clicking the button below.

Author: Peris Ngugi

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