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Causes and effects of contract management problems
Tomáš Hanák |
May 17, 2024 |

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A recent study delved into the intricacies of construction disputes, focusing on a case involving the construction of a road to commercial premises. The analysis aimed to identify dispute factors and their consequences, offering valuable insights for contract management practitioners.

Unveiling Complex Interactions

Through critical evaluation, the study examined the interaction of individual factors within dispute categories and throughout the project lifecycle. A causal diagram depicted these mutual interactions, illustrating how disputes evolve and escalate, posing challenges to resolution.

Practical Recommendations and Theoretical Contributions

While the study acknowledges its limitations as a single-case analysis, it draws attention to the substantial implications for practice and theory. Managerially, the findings provide recommendations to avoid potential problems based on lessons learned from the case. Additionally, the analysis underscores the difficulty of assigning responsibility in protracted disputes arising from insufficient documentation.

From a theoretical perspective, the study contributes to understanding the growth of project complexity and the long-term effects of contract management problems. It highlights the impact of inexpert and controversial actions on project stakeholders, offering insights into the dynamics within the iron triangle dimensions.

Looking Ahead: Towards Generalizable Insights

To enhance generalizability, the study calls for further analysis of project case studies in the transport construction sector. By identifying recurring patterns and project inflection points, researchers can pinpoint areas for improvement in contract management practices, fostering better outcomes for construction projects.

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Author: Tomáš Hanák

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